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What makes Avid so special?



In an industry rife with fly-by-nights, Avid stands out for our commitment to your success over the long haul. Founded in 1990, we have almost three decades of experience. Our sales and customer service teams have tenures rarely seen in the merchant services industry. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We’re a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, and we’re backed by First Data, the largest processor in the world. You won’t find a more rock-solid company.



This industry is no stranger to hidden fees, but we’re an open book. We hide nothing. You deserve to know exactly what you’re paying, and starting with our very first conversation, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of the fees you’re paying now, and how you’ll be charged by us. We’ll continue to work with you to minimize Interchange fees and introduce further money-saving efficiencies.



Our company is almost 30 years old, and many of our clients have been with us the whole time. Most of our sales and customer service people have more than 15 years experience, some more than 20 years. We’ve seen it all. With that much experience, it’s easy to stay on top of a fast-moving industry. Ask us anything, and judge us by our confidence and the depth of our knowledge.

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Avid Makes Your Business Our Top Priority.

Avid helps save your business money while generating additional revenue with customized merchant processing solutions.

With a diverse range of payment strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes, your business can seamlessly accept credit and debit card payments, process check payments, offer gift & loyalty cards or any number of solutions.

As a turnkey merchant service provider, Avid is the right partner when a business demands single-source payment and processing solutions, credit and debit card processing, credit card equipment, hardware/software and supplies, Internet gateways, chip card & PCI compliance as well as gift and loyalty card programs, check processing and even merchant cash advances. Avid has you covered.

Why Avid?

Avid Pays makes credit card processing easier for you with…

  • Quick & Easy Approvals
  • Low, Competitive Rates & NO Hidden Fees
  • Personal Service & Support
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • EMV Chip-Ready Equipment
  • Secure Transactions
  • Turnkey Hardware, Software and Training
  • Experienced & Knowledgeable Avid Team
  • Longstanding Record of Integrity
  • Smartphone Processing
  • Next-Day Funding
  • Cash Advances on Card Receipts
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Products & Services

Credit & Debit Card Processing

We resist classification as a commodity. Not all merchant service providers are created equal. Not all provide next-day funding. Not all charge their fees monthly, rather than daily. Not all send hard-copy statements that clearly detail ALL fees. Not all come with online access to transaction data free of charge. Not all come backed by personal service that can head off funding delays and chargebacks.

American Express Opt Blue

Reduced rates. No funding delays. Consolidated statements. We’re helping to revolutionize the acceptance of American Express. If you already take Amex, we can streamline your acceptance. If you don’t, we’ll debunk the myth that Amex costs more and give you immediate access to high-spending card members.


Enabling online payments has never been so easy with real time authorizations on secure, PCI-compliant networks, and seamless shopping cart & API integration. Avid’s account reporting, process sales, upload files, and virtual terminal reporting with advanced fraud screening and protection limit chargeback liability for your business. Our integrated gateway means you can accept mobile, NFC payments and in-person payments easily and securely.

Hardware & Software

From credit card terminals to complete POS systems, Avid provides the hardware, software, knowledge and experience to help your business accept Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX transactions at countertop terminals, wireless and mobile processing, payment gateways, ACH processing, recurring payments and Internet fraud screening. Avid Pays provide customized processing solutions for our longstanding clients.

PCI Compliance

Merchants are required to adhere to a set of standards to protect cardholder data. The process can be complicated, time consuming and expensive if a business is noncompliant. Avid Pay’s PCI Compliance Program validates the safety of your cardholder data, insuring that your customers and your business are adequately protected.

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Gift - Loyalty Cards

Gift card and loyalty card programs literally pay for themselves. Increase revenue, efficiency and customer satisfaction while enjoying the profits of gift card ‘overspends’ and eliminating vouches and certificates. Best of all, you build your personal brand while the business keeps unredeemed balances, track purchases, visits and data wile rewarding your loyal customers! Increase repeat business and profit doing so!

Merchant Cash Advances

If your business processes over $5K/month, you are already eligible for a merchant cash advance from Avid Pays. We can provide your operation with the capital to keep your cash flow consistent, help you cover payroll or to expand with equipment or solutions that make your business run more smoothly.

Excellent Service

Avid Pays has built our reputation on excellent service that improves business ROI while adding value for our clients.

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